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Deluxe Health Spa and Green Elephant in Kuala Lumpur

Deluxe Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur

Deluxe Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur

Address: Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur.

Located within the basement level of the huge Federal Hotel along Bukit Bintang you can find Deluxe Health Spa. Just walk past the reception along the right side and you'll see the entrance halfway down. Looks totally legit, but there be hookers inside.

The time I went to Deluxe was around 6pm on a weekday. And they had about 3 customers lounging around downstairs. And their are spa facilities to lounge and relax in which is good.

The captain was busy with 2 customers at the time and I suppose he was the only one available. I asked if I could take a tour on my own alone and they said yes.

Deluxe Health Spa facilities are not bad. Not great either I would say it's on par with Genesis Health Club. I wanted to snap some photos too but it was evening time so there were customers inside.

When I got back out the captain was freed up so I inquired about the girls and pricing structure. He said at the moment he only has girls from China. But normally, they have local Malay girls and a couple of Thai ladies. If I want to see them I'd have to wait until later on in the night.

For sauna package, meals at the cafe and 45 minutes 1 shot deal with a China girl will set me back RM 280. That rate also includes a soapy body to body massage so it's not just a straight shag. So I asked to see the girls. He called them down and the lounge is not big, but when the girls came down there were only 5. None of them were to my liking. I would rate the girls a 5 or 6. But they looked cheerful and bubbly and perhaps fun too.

I simply told the captain I will come back later on when they have more girls. And I did go back around 9pm I think after having some beers at the nearby beer garden. And I saw the same girls plus some local Malay girls. Again, they were not the best looking. I felt kinda bad but I just said I'll come back next time.

The captain didn't look upset or anything. Because even while I was there they have customers. So it's possible that I was there at the wrong time and all the better looking girls were busy.

But I never went back and I do sort of regret it. So I'll definitly drop by again the next time I'm in Kuala Lumpur.


Green Elephant Executive Health Spa

Green Elephant Executive Health Spa

Address: B2-6 Basement Level 2 Sungai Wang Plaza, Julan Sultan Ismail.

This is another easy to find "health spa" in bukit bintang area. It's in the Sungwai Wang Plaza shopping center., just a little ways opposite from Berjaya Times Square Mall. The entrance is on the west side of this massive shopping center. I wouldn't go searching for this entrance within the mall. So it's best to walk outside. Green Elephant Executive Spa is on West side of Sungwai Wang Plaza.

Have you ever went into a place and you get this gut feeling you're not going to like what you're getting into. Well that's how I felt the first moment I stepped inside. Everything just didn't feel right. I went in around the evening time and it was quiet.

A captain quickly greeted me and he was a really nice guy. I asked about the sauna facilities and he was a bit hesitant in showing me but eventually did. Without going to explicit details lets just say you don't want to use what they've got. I wished the captain would leave me alone for a few minutes so I could take some photos.

And while we headed out of the "spa facilities" I saw a customer sitting down looking at the line up of girls. I think Green Elephant is just one of those places where guys go to get a quick release. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Anyways, I saw the girls and for me, they are not to my taste. Could be for somebody else of course. So if you're in the area you can always go in and check yourself. I didn't ask for the prices because there really was no point.

So those are the reviews for 8 health saunas and spas with hookers. From my research and asking around there are others in the area but not really much more and are in the same condition of Green Elephant. Which isn't a good thing. Though I think I've covered most of them in the Bukit Bintang area.

Overall it was fun running around and exploring different places. Sure there were some unexpected surprises but it was a good learning experience. And I can see myself coming back to Kuala Lumpur and checking out other places further out from the city.

Thanks for ur useful advice bro! Just went to sky river spa with one of the girl from vietnam I guess. She have very high rate of gfe. Really friendly girl. I dont know whether is plus or minus point for me is, when I do fuck thing we just got into very romantic one, and shit I forget to wear condom when we do it. Wish me luck bro hopefully I dont get those virus thing dude. when I done, I just so scare. Geez. Really dude, just wish me luck. Hopefully I didnt get anything serious.


My experience of visiting the Green Elephant Spa

My experience of visiting the Green Elephant Spa

This is a Spa that took me some time gathering the infos from various threads like "KL massage", "now in KL", to get enough directions to journey to this place. I'll like to consolidate them so for future users it will be easier. The spa is located at the basement of a mall called Sungei Wang, it is almost impossible to get from inside this mall as there are no directions, for me the easiest is to find the mall Low Yat plaza, an electronics building like our Sim Lim. If you walk on the street bi-directional 1 lane road between Low Yat and Sungei Wang you will definitely see the sign for this spa.

The place as i entered has a nice counter and OKT ready to serve. He is friendly and asked what i wanted, serving tea etc etc. I went to a room immediately next to the counter to view the girls. Now this room consist of a booth like bench/ chair but there are holes on the leather due to wear and tear...

Their stocks consists of Local CKT including Malay and Indian, PRC, and Viets. There were 3 CKT , 3 Malay 3 Indian, 4viets and like 9PRCs. I was overwhelmed with 18 at 1 shot... I cannot pick and asked the OKT to mirror again after a few minutes send them in batches based on regions.

Thanks to bro r3m4rios, i pulled out the named Sherry, but okt said she no longer works here. Anyhow only girl i think worth mentioning is an indian girl that is tall and stick skinny, but OKT said her BJ skills is excellent.

The bed i used seems collapsed in the middle, and the mirrors are somewhat dirty/blurry. So for all my hygiene freak friends don't say I never forewarn you. There were no food and OKT said it's coming which i don't care to check out. The spa seems so so at best.

On to my FR i picked a PRC that seems willing to please.


Beware of visiting Green Elephant Spa!

Beware of visiting Green Elephant Spa!

I got cheated after entering the place. So everyone beware!

I was walking along bukit bintan and got caught by the okt. After salespitch that u can have a wide selection of girls at $150 to $250, I decided to follow him. Then he brought me to Green Elephant spa.

Went into a room at the reception, he brought in several girls to choose from. No price quoted yet. After confirming the lady, the waitor came in and chat with okt. I was quoted $350. After mhch persuasion, I say ok.

Since I don have cash, he offered payment by card.

But when the bill came, it was billed $500. He insist that I have to pay fotr room $150. I was like how can this be? Since I am in his territory, I just went on.

Things got event worst.

I was led into the room, the okt was asking for tips for everyone, including the watch man and waitor. $200... and another $20 more for condom...

What can I do, in a remote room, and out numbered. So after paying $770, I thought I can enjoy the viet lady.


After wash up, she blew me like for 30s ask me to Fuck her. And in the whole process she keep rushing u off. Only rubbing of breast, others like kissing or touching anywhere else is prohibited.

So everyone, if u want to go, please checked all this hidden cost first. I totally blacklist this place.


Deluxe Health Spa and Green Elephant Executive Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur
Deluxe Health Spa and Green Elephant Executive Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur
Deluxe Health Spa and Green Elephant Executive Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur
Deluxe Health Spa and Green Elephant Executive Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur
Deluxe Health Spa and Green Elephant Executive Health Spa in Kuala Lumpur


This is a Spa that took me some time gathering the infos from various threads like "KL massage", "now in KL", to get enough directions to journey to this place.

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